Advertisers can reach a targetted and enthousiastic audience through lyrics sites which serve over 212M people in the US alone per month.

Advertisers don't want to be associated with copyright infringement, or any hassle involved with licensing, but want to be reassured licensing is handled with the respectful publishers. LyricsSeal provides a tool for advertisers and agencies to check whether licensing is correctly handled. LyricsSeal has clear terms for its approved aggregators, while the LyricsSeal's approved aggregators vouch for their clients (e.g. lyrics sites).

LyricsSeal is building support by all industry stakeholders in 2012.

On request we can provide a list of all domains whom have licensing through our validated aggregators, or the lyrics provider tool in the upper right corner that allows you to check any domain.

Our roadmap

Our supporters will push from an initial US reach of around 10M (2011) to over 150M LyricsSeal views per month, which accounts to 70% of lyrics pageviews within three years.

Future projections

LyricsSeal is an initiative by Directlyrics and supported by LyricFind.

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