Creating awareness is at the very core of LyricsSeal's mission. By creating awareness, educating the public, and making clear to all stakeholders the benefits of legal lyrics, the possibility of licensing currently unlicensed lyrics sites becomes very real. The reality is that we can't do it alone. With this in mind we'd like to collaborate with as many partners and stakeholders as possible to fulfill this goal. By joining this initiative and helping to create awareness about this issue you'll become part of an effort to promote trusted lyrics on the web so that all interested parties can reap the rewards of a fully licensed online lyrics space.

Our roadmap

Our supporters will push from an initial US reach of around 10M (2011) to over 150M LyricsSeal views per month, which accounts to 70% of lyrics pageviews within three years.

Future projections

LyricsSeal is an initiative by Directlyrics and supported by LyricFind.

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