Over 31% of the US online population visits a lyrics site every month. Of the major lyrics providers a few have chosen to operate with valid licensing. Licensing supports the songwriters and publisher, by paying a fee for the display of lyrics.

Unlicensed sites have had little incentive to pay for the lyrics use, only a few cases have been to court where the unlicensed site was clearly infringing copyright and shutdown. LyricsSeal provides a clear distinction on licensed sites, through its seal:
Verify License
Clicking the LyricsSeal will show information regarding the applicable license terms, while also identifying the restrictions like copy & paste.

Our lyrics provider search tools (upper right corner on this page) lets consumers, advertisers and other stakeholders identify which providers support the music industry and have valid licensing.

Why licensing?

Licensing pays songwriters and publishers for their work. Also the textual quality of the lyrics is much higher due to a large share of the licensed lyrics are the official lyrics.

How do I know?

Educational use, DMCA, and other terms used by unlicensed sites do not apply. Identify the LyricsSeal when visiting lyrics sites or use the lyrics provider search in the upper right corner to check on your favorite lyrics site.

We currently only support websites, although iPhone Apps, Android Apps and hardware can also have valid licensing.

Naming and shaming

At this stage we aren't naming and shaming any lyrics sites. But based on our report tool and other indicators we will be activily going to call out unlicensed websites. Our news section will bring you updates on this.

Our roadmap

Our supporters will push from an initial US reach of around 10M (2011) to over 150M LyricsSeal views per month, which accounts to 70% of lyrics pageviews within three years.

Future projections

LyricsSeal is an initiative by Directlyrics and supported by LyricFind.

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