Licensees are the properties who display lyrics to users and who obtained an licensing agreement through LyricsSeal approved aggregators or directly with the majority of US publishers.

Publishing lyrics on properties without approval of the copyright holders can lead to statutory damages for copyright infringement e.g. in the United States of up to $150,000 per work infringed. Unlicensed lyrics sites have been hiding behind educational use, DMCA, international law, and other ways to avoid acknowledging the right of the copyright owners.

The LyricsSeal goal is to create a fully licensed online lyrics space by creating awareness among consumers and pushing for unlicensed properties to change their ways.

Our roadmap

Our supporters will push from an initial US reach of around 10M (2011) to over 150M LyricsSeal views per month, which accounts to 70% of lyrics pageviews within three years.

Future projections

LyricsSeal is an initiative by Directlyrics and supported by LyricFind.

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