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Search engines are a strong force in the lyrics industry because the terms "lyrics" is searched by millions of people from all over the world, every day. Search engines prefer to display sites with a relative high authority and trust in their search results, over sites that don't. Sites that commit-to and invest-in a lyrics license might be a key indicator of such authority and trust. LyricsSeal allows search engines to identify pages with licensed content. LyricsSeal wants to push search engines to penalize unlicensed lyrics sites who are clearly not taking their responsibilities as content providers.


The LyricsSeal implementation is also an extension for micro-formatting, which allows search engines to identiy and flag licensed lyrics content.

Lyricsseal's formating is an extension to for content containing lyrics which credits the publishers, songwriters and identifies the licensed domain. microformatting is supported by Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

We also provide an API which allows the search engine to check up on the license status. Please get in touch to gain access.

Html example of the micro-formatting which is also the LyricsSeal:[2]

The proposed sub-type "Lyrics" under CreativeWork (Thing) on parent MusicGroup (Thing).

    <div itemscope itemtype="">
      <span itemprop="publisher"></span>
      <span itemprop="songwriter"></span>
      <span itemprop="aggregator"></span>
      <meta itemprop="licensedDomain" content=""/>

More technical schema details available here.

Our roadmap

Our supporters will push from an initial US reach of around 10M (2011) to over 150M LyricsSeal views per month, which accounts to 70% of lyrics pageviews within three years.

Future projections

LyricsSeal is an initiative by Directlyrics and supported by LyricFind.

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